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Bango in-app payments for Android

Bango payment technology is ideal for use from within Android applications, where the use of 3rd party payments is permitted.

How it works

Bango uses HTML5 to render all in-app payment flows. This ensures:
  • Fast, simple integration
  • Full, up to the minute compliance with the latest local operator regulations and standards
  • No payment user experience baked into the app. Therefore, no app updates or re-submissions required to:
    • add new billing routes or target new markets
    • comply with changes in regulations
    • offer alternative ways to pay

Target audience and platform restrictions

The Bango Payment Flow product may be used for in-app payments in the following cases:
  • Apps pre-loaded onto a Android device by MNOs or handset manufacturers
  • Apps distributed outside of Google Play
  • Apps distributed through Google Play with permission to use a third party payment.

All other apps are recommended to use the payment solution imposed by the store being used to distribute the application, e.g. Google Play.

Bango In-app payment is also available for use with other mobile platforms where 3rd party payment solutions are permitted.

  • Download the Bango Payment Flow SDK
  • Setup a “Bango Number” – see integration guide for details
  • Follow simple example -
Bango bango = new Bango(this);
bango.startPaymentWithBangoNumber("YourBangoNumber", new PaymentResultCallback() {
	public void onResult(String code, long transactionId) {
		Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this,"Got " + code + " and transaction Id " + String.valueOf(transactionId),Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

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